We need to use every tool we have to encourage voluntary testing and retesting for everyone.

Today, an undetectable viral load is the closest we have to a cure.

—Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS

My Health is Sexy
Take care of you for me

Knowing your HIV status is sexy. It’s an important part of a healthy sex life and a good relationship. If you’re sexually active, make HIV testing a routine part of your health care.

Today, with earlier diagnosis of HIV and advances in treatment and care, it is not a death sentence. HIV can be a chronic, manageable condition. When diagnosed early, treatment can suppress the virus and prevent transmission to your partner and improve health outcomes. The life expectancy of treated HIV-positive individuals now approaches that of general population.

Confidential and anonymous testing is available to you; ask your doctor and if you're offered the test, say yes. By taking the test you can help end AIDS in this province.