After many years together, we’re still going strong. We’re well because we take care of each other’s health

-Dr. Evan Adams, Chief Medical Officer, First Nations Health Authority

My Health is How I Show My Love
Take care of you for us

Being responsible for your own health builds stronger communities and stronger relationships. Making an HIV test a routine part of your health care promotes a healthy sex life and a healthy relationship for you and your partner, whether you identify as two-spirited or straight.

When diagnosed early, modern treatment can significantly decrease the amount of virus in the blood and sexual fluids, thereby stopping the transmission of HIV by 96 per cent and improving health outcomes.

And thanks to medical advances, a positive result can be treated to ensure you live a normal, healthy life. Treatment for HIV is available at no cost and can suppress the virus and prevent transmission, keeping communities — and relationships — healthy. It all starts with an HIV test.

If you do not feel comfortable visiting a local clinic, or asking your doctor for an HIV test, or asking about any issues surrounding gay men’s health, health outreach nurses are also available across the Interior Health region to provide discreet, confidential, and non-judgmental HIV testing. Call 1-866-778-7736 to arrange a test today.

In partnership with First Nations Health Authority